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FriendBuilders is a special program for children who experience trouble with making and keeping friends. The program is unique for many reasons: it is led by a psychologist trained in working with children. It incorporates a variety of experiences including team-building skills, behavior management, role-play, videotaping, games, and modeling. It is fun and individualized to the specific needs of the children participating in the group.

Who should apply? The FriendBuilders Program is designed to assist children with immature or poor social skills, social anxiety, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Autism.

How do I apply? Complete the application and return it to Solutions for review and selection.

When does the group take place? The group is offered, for different age groups, in the fall and spring of each year. Groups range from 5 years to 12 years of age, at present. Individual groups are limited to 6 participants, and are also limited to children within 2 years of each other in age. It is 10 sessions in length, with 3 parent sessions included at regular intervals with Dr. Elyse Freilich.

My child is already involved in counseling or tutoring - can he or she participate? This group targets specific skills and needs of children regarding friendships and social relationships. Many children who participate are receiving other services including family or individual counseling, tutoring, speech/occupational therapy, etc.

How will I know if my child is improving? A critical part of the group is your participation. You will receive instruction on how to help your child practice the skills he/she learns, and how to encourage the school to help. You will participate in parent groups to help you understand your child’s progress and learn more about helping him/her.

What are the fees and financial policies? The FriendBuilders group is a social skills therapy group and as such may be reimbursable through your health insurance benefit. Please contact our office for further information on current fees and insurance policies.

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