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Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships in children and adults. Clinical neuropsychologists are psychologists trained in psychology, behavioral neurology, and neuroanatomy. Neuropsychologists evaluate brain functioning by administering a comprehensive battery of tests assessing memory, learning, and associated behaviors. Neuropsychological assessment yields a pattern of strengths and weakness that is utilized in making diagnostic determinations and treatment recommendations.


How do I know if someone needs a neuropsychological evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluations are requested to help doctors, parents, counselors, and/or school professionals understand how different systems and areas of the brain are working. Testing is usually recommended when there are symptoms or complaints involving memory and thinking. For children, referrals are often made for difficulties with learning, attention, behavior, socialization, or emotional control. Children with developmental disabilities (e.g., Autism, intellectual disability), chronic medical conditions (e.g., brain tumor, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia), and brain injury are often referred for a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation.

What does a neuropsychological evaluation look like?

A neuropsychological assessment typically involves the assessment of the following areas of function: intelligence, executive function (e.g., planning/organizational skills), attention, language, learning and memory, visual-spatial skills, motor/sensory skills, and mood/personality.

How long will a neuropsychological evaluation take?

Neuropsychological evaluations typically take between 4-6 hours. An initial, one-hour consultation takes place prior to the assessment to determine what type of testing is needed. After the assessment is completed, an interpretive session is scheduled to discuss findings from the assessment and recommendations for follow-up and treatment.

Do I need a referral for neuropsychological testing?

Many insurance companies require a referral from a medical doctor. Specific questions regarding your insurance and available coverage can be addressed by calling our office at (828) 328-4313.

What happens after a neuropsychological assessment?

After completion of a neuropsychological assessment, clients and/or parents will be scheduled for a follow-up interpretive session and receive a detailed report explaining the findings. The report will include information on diagnosis, treatment, and the relationship to underlying brain function. Neuropsychological reports are used for determining eligibility for school based services, rehabilitation needs, and disease progression. The written report is prepared following the interpretive session. Please allow 3-4 weeks for its preparation. Expedited reports are available at an additional fee.

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