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Solutions of Hickory, PA is the only area practice that offers individualized tutoring services by a nationally-certified speech and language pathologist. Angela Hamilton, M.A., C.C.C. offers tutoring in addition to traditional speech and language services to students with language-based learning difficulties. “Many of my students with diagnosed language disorders have specific problems with understanding and using written language which presents in poor reading fluency, comprehension and decoding problems, poor spelling, auditory processing and memory problems, and generally disorganized writing skills. Many of these children are diagnosed with dyslexia and need systematic, sequential, and research-based methods to improve their reading and writing skills. I have over 30 years experience working with students with various levels of speech, language, and social-communication needs. I enjoy the challenge of teaching these students the necessary skills to improve their understanding and use of written language which then leads to stronger academic performance in the classroom, and ultimately, in improved self-confidence”. Our tutoring services are not tailored toward “homework help” or limited to specific academic subjects.

Various individualized and multi-sensory methods are used for individual tutoring, such as the Orton Gillingham method, a strong phonemic-based reading and writing program. We are also the only area provider of the RAVE-O reading program, a classroom/individualized curriculum developed by language researchers at Tufts University. Mrs. Hamilton has received hands-on training from the developers of this program and regularly attends continuing educational courses in her areas of expertise.

If you think your child needs language-based tutoring, please call us for an initial assessment and parental interview. Sessions are typically once or twice per week for 45-60 minutes per session, depending on the age (elementary through high school) and needs of the student. Early evening appointments are also available.

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